March 2016

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March 2016 blog

Fenn to premiere new product lines – Hall 5, Stand 5261

MACH 2016 is set to be an exciting week for Cutting tool manufacturer and distributor – Fenn – with the premier of the all-new high performance Speedtwister Trochoidal Endmill and Ezset Presetting Machines.

Fenn will be showcasing several key product ranges from across their extensive portfolio during the week-long exhibition, including the new trochoidal end mill ‘Speedtwister’ and an Ezset IC2 presetting machine, which is new to the Fenn collection for 2016. Also on show will be a range of milling, drilling, threading and turning products, specialist boring solutions and heat-shrink and balancing technology.

As UK agents for a number of carefully selected, unique European brands, Fenn is able to offer market leading tooling, fully integrated tool management systems, inventory control systems, pre-setting, heat-shrink and balancing systems; all carefully selected to ensure customers receive the very best performance from tooling and systems alike. This allows Fenn to meet the demands of all industries within the market and supply complete tooling packages for customer projects, from conception to completion.

Special attention will also be paid during MACH to Fenn’s own UK manufactured brand of milling cutters – Fetoga. After launching its manufacturing facility back in 2000, Fenn has seen continued development and growth, and their reputation within the industry has been underpinned by the success of its Fetoga Solid Carbide Endmill Range, which saw some new introductions in Fenn’s new solid carbide endmill catalogue during summer last year.

Although the Fetoga line boasts an impressive range of products, Fenn understands that many customers may have requests for non standard, bespoke tools. Fenn’s Custom Tool Division is dedicated to the design and manufacture of special tooling for the more unique applications customers encounter. On display will be a selection of specialist tooling with technical engineers onsite to discuss customer requirements.


Fenn is proud to give its first debut during MACH of the all-new Maykestag ‘Speedtwister’ which was launched in January 2016. Especially developed for speed trochoidal cutting, the Speedtwister is suitable for conventional and dynamic milling strategies. With huge cutting depths of up to 5xD, high tech coating technology and optimised tool geometry for perfect chip control, the Speedtwister provides increased productivity and profitability.

The Speedtwister, combined with the trochoidal milling paths of modern CAD CAM systems, offers substantially increased cutting speed and feed rates as opposed to conventional slot milling applications.

Optimised tool geometries provides perfect chip control, smooth vibration-less running and excellent surface finishes, and with the most up to date high-tech coating the Speedtwister achieves maximum metal removal rates in both wet and dry machining.

Suitable for both rouging and finishing and offering a Universal and Inox range in both 3xD and 5xD, the Speedtwister is suitable for general steels up to approx. 50 HRC as well as stainless steels, inconel and titanium, among others.

Ezset Presetters

As newly appointed UK agents for Ezset, Fenn will validate the benefits of presetting and offer customers the opportunity to see an Ezset IC2 tool presetting machine, which will be demonstrated throughout the exhibition. Manufactured in Germany, Ezset consists of 4 models and is designed with ease of use in mind, while offering the very latest in image processing software. Featuring brand quality components such as Bosch pheumatics, THK guides and Heidenhain scales, Ezset delivers precision, unbeatable price/performance ratio and a maintenance-free service life. This cost effective yet high performance tool presetting range will significantly increase productivity, reduce scrap parts and lower tooling costs.

On hand throughout the exhibition will be the companies team of technical engineers who will be available to answer any questions, discuss the benefits of their various products and how they can help improve customer productivity and profitability, and also offer demonstrations on their heat-shrink, balancing and presetting machines.

Customers can also take advantage of special Fenn offers during the exhibition, including 10% off pre-setting machines ordered during MACH or within 4 weeks, tooling vouchers for customers opening new accounts and special discounts across standard products purchased during the event.

HALL 5, STAND 5261

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