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Our tool holding solutions cover modular, shrink-fit, collet and hydraulic systems. Accordingly, these connect to spindle interfaces such as BT (BT MAS), HSK and DIN standards. Whatever your requirement we can supply you with the most compatible solutions available on the market at a competitive price.

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As UK distributors for HAIMER, Fenn subsequently offers customers a wide range of precision manufactured holder options to meet all specific performance requirements. Hence, the HAIMER range of spindle tooling and associated accessories are widely regarded as one of the leading ranges available today. Precision manufactured in Germany to the highest specification, HAIMER products have consequently become first choice for use in many leading Automotive, Aerospace and Energy manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

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As well as the more common range of ER Collet, Weldon and Shell Mill holders in HAIMER’s series of holders and accessories, HAIMER are renowned for their market leading heat-shrink technology. This method is undoubtedly fast becoming the ‘must have’ option for precision manufacturers with many benefits far outweighing the older and more cumbersome hydraulic holders technology.

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HAIMER’s Power Shrink Chuck achieves the highest machining capacity in high-speed manufacturing. The optimised design combines high rigidity with dampening vibrations, therefore giving more protection to machines, spindles and spindle tooling. Additionally, Cool Jet bores come as standard with the Power Shrink range, which is available for all standard spindle interfaces. Applications for shrinking technology extend to roughing, still with a runout accuracy of 0,003 mm and vibration resistance due to Power Chucks optimised outer geometries.

Also available in the series is the Mini Power Shrink Chuck, which is perfect for 5-axis machining in the medical and mould & die industry, and the Power Collet Chuck for use with standard collets.

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Tool Holding FAQs

A tool holder is a name for the part that mounts the cutter to the equipment in preparation for the machine to perform its operations. Furthermore, tool holders for lathes require high precision as they directly influence product quality through machining accuracy. Therefore, to ensure compatibility with various cutting applications and machine tools, different taper angles are available to ensure cutting tools are properly secured. Choosing a compatible taper type will provide you with reliable results.

There are several different types of tool holder, compatible for various purposes, i.e.

Machine arbors – These are responsible for a machinery tools’ turning mechanism and are motor driven.

End mill holders – To ensure milling tools are kept secure.

Milling or drilling chucks – Designed to keep milling and drilling tools in place.

Tapping chucks – These ensure tapping tools hold placement and maintain smooth threading operations.

Boring heads – To ensure placement of boring bars.

Side cutter holders – This type of tool holder holds the cutters.

Saw blade holders – To keep the placement of saw-blades.

Collet chucks – These are used to hold various machinery tooling.

Blank Adapters – For various applications, these adapters can be customisable for specific tasks.

A tool holder’s purpose is to hold an end mill in the desired position. Significantly for lathes, the holder will need to hold the end mill as steadily and accurately as required so as to not cause even the slightest increase in runout. Toolholding devices have varying balance and runout levels, so it is important to consider all details to select suitable toolholding as increase in runout may break your cutting tool.

Tool holders at their most basic create a hold around the shank of a cutter that is secure, rigid, and strong. Additionally, there are many different options available and each has its own style, taper for clearance, spindle interface, and methods of compression force. In conclusion, holders are used to secure lathe tools whilst ensuring optimum results shown in the final application.

A well-manufactured tool holder will provide increased accuracy, rigidity, balance, and power. As a result, these attributes extend the life of the cutter and the spindle, provide higher accuracy of parts manufactured, and produce a better quality surface finish. For this reason, Fenn offers tool holders to suit various sizes of cutters at a competitive price. To see the full range, visit our shop page.

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