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Our comprehensive range of standard milling cutters covers a vast majority of applications, but for those applications that require specific dimensions or geometries we provide an excellent service on design and manufacture of special tooling. From one off specials to multi-year supply contracts, we can satisfy your requirements.

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Our ever-expanding cutting tool portfolio allows us to supply complete tooling packages for customer projects, from conception through to completion, meeting the demands of manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, oil and gas, general engineering and more.

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MAYKESTAG Speedtwister - STC end mill

Fenn is proud to launch the all new Maykestag ‘Speedtwister’. Especially developed for Speed Trochoidal Cutting the Speedtwister is suitable for static and dynamic milling strategies. With huge cutting depths of up to 5xD, high tech coating technology and optimised tool geometry for perfect chip control, the Speedtwister provides increased productivity and profitability.
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