Our extensive turning range includes inserts with the latest coating technologies and geometries, and tool holders for general turning, thread turning and multi-directional turning.

Our close relationship with Seco Tools allows us to offer solutions for the most demanding turning applications. Vibration often becomes a problem in long difficult to machine bores, but it can be eliminated by using Seco’s patented Steadyline tooling, while also giving high-metal removal rates and smooth surface finishes. We can also offer industry specific solutions from Seco, such as thread turning tools designed to suit modern oil and gas thread types, or their Jetstream tooling, designed for delivering coolant directly to the cutting edge when machining aerospace industry standard Superalloys. But if productivity is your aim, then look no further than the Seco Duratomic insert range. Available in a selection of shapes, geometries, and chipbreakers, the Duratomic insert is the benchmark in steel based turning applications.

Fenn Tool are proud to supply Dummel, the market leader in the growing industry of miniature machining. Using their Ultramini system, bores of 0.2mm can be machined, as well as machining of up to 66 HRC. The carbide inserts are completely ground from the shank to the cutting edge, and the comprehensive range includes grooving, boring, profiling, and threading bars. The Minicut system for internal turning has front mounted carbide inserts, and can machine bores from 7.8mm, with the option of tool holders in steel or carbide. System DED ZTP ZSR turning tools offer indexable inserts with two or three cutting edges, and is a proven method of machining grooves of width 0.5mm.

Featured Product

DURATOMIC – TP2501, TP1501 AND TP0501

With three grades designed to cover all of your steel-turning needs, Seco’s Duratomic range is a revolutionary range of inserts designed for manufacturers focused on dependable productivity and reliable part production. Featuring used-edge detection making it almost impossible to miss unused edges Duratomic reduces waste, while offering superior wear resistance for longer tool life, fewer tool changes and higher cutting data. Available in a broad range of insert shapes and geometries from light, medium and roughing operations, TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 insert grades provide the best selection in steel turning, whether your goal is versatile, balanced or high-speed productivity. Read More
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