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Market-leading solid carbide milling cutters, HSS milling cutters, and indexable milling tools.

The strength and depth of our milling portfolio and the technical ability of our engineers puts Fenn at the forefront of milling cutter suppliers throughout the UK.

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Our ever-expanding cutting tool portfolio allows us to supply complete tooling packages for customer projects, from conception through to completion, meeting the demands of manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, oil and gas, general engineering and more.

Custom Tooling

Our comprehensive range of standard milling cutters covers a vast majority of precision machining applications, but for those milling applications that require specific dimensions or geometries we provide an excellent service on design and manufacture of special tooling. From one off specials to multi-year supply contracts, we can satisfy your requirements. Please view our Catalogues.
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Fenn Tool also supply a comprehensive and extensive range of ancillary tooling equipment such as Heat-Shrinking Machines, Balancing Machines and Presetting Machines. Please see the below list of our Major Supplied Brands but note this is only a small selection of what we able to supply. For more information on our full range of products please contact our Sales Team on 01376 347 566.

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Featured Product

MAYKESTAG Speedtwister - STC end mill

Fenn Tool Ltd offers the all-new Maykestag ‘Speedtwister’. The Speedtwister is suited to static and dynamic milling strategies as it is specifically designed for Speed Trochoidal Cutting. With huge cutting depths of up to 5xD, high tech coating technology and optimised tool geometry for perfect chip formation, the Speedtwister provides increased productivity and profitability.

UK's Trusted Supplier of High Performance Milling Cutters

We distribute superior European-branded tools, including a selection of Milling Cutters, Groove Milling, Indexable Milling Systems, Form Milling Tools and Chamfer Milling. We’re also leading UK manufacturer of our own high-performance brand of ‘Fetoga’ solid carbide milling tools.


Solid Carbide:

  • Mini Series End Mills
  • Stub, Standard and Long-length End Mills
  • Ballnose End Mills
  • Rippers
  • Variable Helix Endmills
  • Multi Flute End Mills
  • Diamond Coated End Mills


Solid Carbide & HSS:

  • Mini Series End Mills
  • Mini Long Series End Mills
  • Stub, Standard and Long-length End Mills
  • Extra Long Series End Mills
  • Slot Endmills
  • Ballnose End Mills
  • Rippers
  • Variable Helix Endmills
  • Multi Flute End Mills
  • Chamfer Mills
  • Corner Rounding Cutters
  • T Slot Endmills
  • Woodruff Cutters
  • Dovetail Cutters
Maykestag Cutting Tool Distribution


  • Micro End Mills
  • Micro Ball Nose End Mills
  • Micro Chamfer Tool/End Mill
  • Micro Engraving Mills


  • General Indexible Milling
  • Disc Milling
  • Face Milling
  • Copy Milling
  • High Feed Milling
  • Helical Milling
  • Square Shoulder Milling
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Milling Tool FAQs

Milling is a process conducted in machining, where the machine spindle holds a milling tool holder, which then holds a cylindrical milling tool. Milling tools are used to perform milling operations in machining where swarf from the workpiece is removed either directly from the shape of the milling cutter or by their own movement within the machine.
In different milling applications, there are many types of milling cutters suitable for various applications. These milling cutter types include:
  • Roughing end mills
  • End mill cutter
  • Thread mill
  • Slab mill
  • Ball cutter
  • Radius End Mills
  • Face milling cutter
  • Hollow mill
  • Shell mill
  • Hob
  • Fly cutter
  • Side-and-face cutter
  • Dovetail cutter
  • Involute gear cutter
  • Woodruff cutters
At Fenn Tool, we also offer a range of milling cutters for bespoke applications to general purpose needs. Browse our shop for more information on our products.

When deciding which milling tools you require, you will need to take into account the material that is being machined (aluminium, steel – stainless steels or alloy steels, cast iron, non ferrous materials), the stock amount to be removed through internal and external profiles, the shapes of these profiles, the machine’s capabilities, and the required surface finish. You will also need to decide whether a carbide or high speed steel (HSS) cutter is suitable for it’s purpose.

Alongside these factors, a machinist will need to consider how to meet their specification at the lowest cost. The job’s cost will include the machinist’s time, the costings, the tool life, and the time the milling machine is running.

There are many features of a milling cutter as they are available in different shapes and sizes and are manufactured for general purpose or specific machining tasks. The following are variable features of milling cutters:

Shape – In today’s machining industry, solid carbide milling cutters are produced in several standard shapes.

Teeth/Flutes – The flutes of the solid carbide milling cutter run up the cutter and are deep helical grooves, and the tooth is a sharp blade that runs on the flute’s edge and is designed to cut away the workpiece. Due to the rotary movement, remnant material (swarf) is then pulled up the cutting edges of the flute.  Two, three, or four is the most common number of teeth for a milling cutter, and usually, more teeth can remove materials quicker.

Helix Angle – Milling cutters are usually helical as vibration is reduced when the tooth gradually contacts the material. To result in a better finish, finishing cutters have a higher rake angle.

Centre Cutting – Some have teeth that do not meet at the end face centre, so these cannot plunge through materials, whilst others can. At roughly a 45-degree angle, these cutters can cut in a downward motion.

Roughing or Finishing – Roughing is when a lower-quality surface finish is achieved by using a solid carbide milling cutter to remove increased amounts of material. If a roughing end mill is needed to break down material into smaller pieces, it may have serrated teeth which leave a rough finish. Finishing is when a higher-quality surface finish is achieved by removing less material. These types of cutters may remove aluminium and other materials more precisely due to the large number of teeth.

Coatings – Tool coatings can ascertain increased tool life, cutting speed, and surface finish. There are various different coatings that can be used, with different coatings being better suited to different materials being cut. For a tool required to withstand higher abrasive wear, PCD (Polycrystalline diamond) can be used which can offer exceptional tool life, increased up to 100 times when compared with uncoated. Each various coating we offer at Fenn Tool has its benefits which is why our technical engineers are on hand to advise on a coating to best suit your milling cutters and provide you with increased tool life.

Shank – The cylindrical part of the tool that is held in the holder is called the shank. A shank can have a Weldon Flat, where contact from a set screw increases torque, or it can be round and held by friction.

Fenn Tool manufactures and distributes high-performance milling cutters manufactured from solid carbide so that you can achieve high speed and high feed milling. You will find products in our FETOGA range suitable for machining aluminium, steel (stainless steel and alloy steels), and cast iron.

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