Top 3 Reasons to Balance your Tools


With the need to achieve higher cutting volumes, increase productivity and reduce machining costs becoming hot topic in many machine shops, thoughts
often turn to tool balance.

Over the past few years the effects of imbalance have become more apparent with poor surface finishes, shorter tool life and increased vibrations.
The use of a balancing system helps resolves these issues and ensures the high-precision balancing of tools and tool holders, among various other advantages.

Many machine shops will not understand the full benefits of tool balancing and like with any other investment, it is import to recognise the advantages
and how it can improve your machining process.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider balancing tools;

1. Unlock your Machine Tool Potential

Balancing enables higher machine tool RPM resulting in increased feed rates and cutting capacity. Improved surface finishes are also achieved due to reduced vibration when using balanced tools.

2. Protect your Machine Tool

The implementation of balancing in to your machining process will help protect your machine tool. Balanced tools will reduce vibrations; subsequently you will see a decreased wear on bearings and a higher spindle lifetime.

3. Reduce Machining costs

With balanced tools you will benefit from reducing machining costs in many areas including;

  • Reduced downtime due to decreased spindle maintenance
  • Longer spindle lifetime
  • Longer cutting tool life
  • Higher cutting volume
  • Higher process reliability
  • Higher precision at the workpiece

Find our more about balancing and the range of balancing tools Fenn can supply.

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