224 Solid Carbide 3 Flute End Mill


High performace, 3 flute solid carbide end mill, especially designed with 3 teeth to centre to create a balanced tool, with wide gullets to enable the cutter to plunge, ramp and run at higher feed rates.

Featuring a specifically designed ASX coating of Aluminium. The coating allows for roughing and finishing using the same tool, enables higher productivity, gives excellent surface finish and provides longer tool life.

Pocket Milling
Side Finishing
Side Roughing

40° Helix, 3 Teeth to Centre, Deep Gullets, Balanced Tool, ASX Coating, Extended Reach, HSM. Product Group FC.

For technical drawing downloads click on the Part # link

Part #D1 ØD2 (h6) Shank ØD3 Relief ØL1 OALL2 FluteL3 ReachR RadiusSizeZ TeethPriceStockQuantity
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