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323 Solid Carbide 4 Flute Variable Helix with Rads


High performance 4 flute solid carbide cutter, designed for fine finishing, finishing, rough finishing and roughing with the same tool. Ideal for a wide range of materials including free cutting steels, tool steels, stainless steels and exotic alloys. Variable helix and unequal index enables effective, smooth, vibrationless running and gives an excellent surface finish

Pocket Milling
Side Finishing
Side Roughing

Variable index, Variable helix, HPH Coated, Centre Cutting, Corner Rads. Product Group FE

Part #D1 ØD2 (h6) Shank ØD3 Relief ØL1 OALL2 FluteL3 ReachR RadiusSizeZ TeethPriceStockQuantity

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